Dead Unity – PSX – Cancelled


Dead Unity was a survival horror video game being developed by THQ in the late 90s for the Sony Playstation. Intended to cash in like other developers as a clone on the success of 90s phenomenon “Resident Evil”, Dead Unity would have played very similar, however, with a more futuristic approach.


Dead Unity would have featured robots, mutants and other odd creatures. Not much else is known.



Black & White – PSX – Cancelled

geegeBlack & White is a “God Simulation” Game developed by Lionhead Studios/Bullfrog for Windows. The game was released in March 2001 only for PC. However, this was not the intent. Black & White also was being developed for the Sony Playstation 1, similar to how Bullfrog also had developed other simulation games for it, such as ThemeHospital and ThemePark.

Due to technical limitations, this ended up not happening. Here are two photos below of the game.